Daniel Miller was an X soldier who became a preacher and settled a small church in a quiet town in South Carolina in 1855 when the civil war broke 5 years later, his town was attached by Yankee soldiers; they burned looted and destroyed the town.

He was shot along with his wife and three children as their church burned. At death’s door he had a vision of four riders bringing justice to the land.

When he had come back from the land of the dead, he discovered the Yankees were not a renegade group of rebels working for The KGC a secret underground society who rob and kill to keep control and fund the war.

Daniel Miller took up the mission of finding the other three horsemen to bring justice back to the land. Because of his visit to the other side John can see and hear the dead, see demons, knows when evil is close by, and is haunted by dreams and visions.

He carries large leather clad Bible and in it are two large revolvers he named the Sons of Thunder after James and John, two Disciples of Christ. He has one goal, to end the KGC and all who support it for revenge on his family and clean the western frontier of evil.

Height: 6 foot
Age: 38
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Blue

Justus Blackburn is a brawler good old southern boy, an A.W.O.L. Confederate soldier and vampire. After Yankees burned down his family farm, he enlisted, was wounded in battle and left for dead by his company.

He and others were fed on by a vampire. Only Justus rose again with the curse of the undead. Justus took easy to the transition, and spends his nights carousing drinking and traveling town to town killing as many Yankees as he can.

His weapon of choice is his fists and a blade, but will shoot anything he can get his hands on. There is no bar to small or women’s breasts to big for this good old boy. The world is his play ground; well it was until he was approached by The Prophet.

War Cloud is the last of his people. A powerful shaman of both the physical world and spiritual world.

He has strong magic from calling on power of the land, to Father Sky and some say is able to turn into the animals of the wild. When blankets and beef were given to his tribe from the military, while he was away seeking a treaty with the white man, he returned his people finding them dead.

He did his best to save his tribe, and called out to their gods for help, but in the end, he was left with questioning his power and ability to lead his people. While he was chanting to the gods, waiting to die, to join his people he had a vision of a man in black riding a white horse and its tracks left blood on the earth. when he awoke, The Prophet was riding over the hillside and approached him to ride with him.

Santos Vega was one of Mexico’s notorious bandits and killers. He was finally captured by a small mob in Mexico and for his crime hung on all saints day, or the day of the dead.

The people who hung him thought it would be pleasing to those he murdered to have him join them and they would get their peace.

As punishment the spirits of the dead cursed him to live once again, but every night as the sun sets, he becomes sick and dies as the moon rises he raises as the living dead The Calaca, a living skeleton.

The calaca cannot be killed for he is already dead. Even in his human form, if he were shot, hung or ripped down by cannon, at first moonlight he would rise again. The curse of the calaca can only be broken by redemption, and that unfortunately for Santos, could take several years.

With no hope for a future on earth or in the spirit world, he lives isolated hiding in cemetery’s, or monasteries trying to find a chance for peace. The Prophet seeing the vision of death on the pale horse traveled to find the Living Dead man and have him find redemption in the way of justice.